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All FitTracks are packed with features

FitTrack Heart Rate monitoring

Heart Rate Monitoring

FitTrack notifications on screen


FitTrack Travel Walking Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking

Blood pressure measuring FitTrack

Blood Pressure

FitTrack Track Calories Burning

Calorie Tracking

FitTrack Monitor Sleep Track

Sleep Monitoring

Fitness tracker app fittrack

Free app with every purchase!

You will get a free app with every purchase which enables you to track your fitness goals. You will find out how easily you can monitor your steps, blood pressure, blood oxygen, calorie burning, heart rate and sleep quality.

FitTrack app monitor sleep heart rate and steps


Experience smart fitness tracker devices!

Get directly motivated by our FitTrack devices. These devices will motivate you to set your goals in an easy way. You can easily track all kind of features like haert rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, step count, sleep tracking, calorie burning and distance. Also FitTrack will always get in touch with you every moment of the day by sending through incoing messages like Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS messages and many more. When you are busy in your job it is very helpful when you get incoming messages without having your phone with you.

FitTrack heart rate monitoring

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